Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Trangia Stove and pot set

The two Swedish Trangia alcohol stove sets arrived today. (Check out for current production mess kits and stoves). Looks like both pots are coated with paint; some sort of heat resistant paint. I have poured maybe an ounce of denatured alcohol and lit it. The little legs inside go up, and press against the wind screen, so you can set pots on top of them. Vaporization took about a minute, without any wind. I boiled the smaller pot full of cold water, and the stove kept burning for a little while longer. This thing works great! Everything packs inside the pot, then the lid goes on top, then it all fits inside the wind-screen. Total weight without the alcohol fuel is about 2.75 pounds. This set is much more compact than my Coleman gasoline powered stove plus the Czech pot combo, and it weighs less. Definitely going in my regular camping pack, and the bug-out bag.

YouTube link shows how to use it

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  1. dmitry Says:

    After several trips to Red River Gorge, this mess kit/stove is all I take with me. I have no use for the USGI mess kit, or the Czech pots any more. I did take out the stainless utensil set from the regular Army set, and put inside this mess kit. The large pot is great for making meals for 1-2 people, and the smaller cup is perfect for making tea, or as a bowl/plate substitute. I can stuff the stove, utensils, tea, and several Ramen noodle packs inside. This mess kit is a great space and weight saver!
    P.S. When you are done cooking, make sure to take the rubber O-ring off before using the brass stove cap to extinguish your stove. After everything has cooled off, put the O-ring on, and tighten the cap.

  2. studmuffin Says:

    add a pan grip and a simmer ring for best of everything. Love these to bits! Has anyone tried upending the pot stand and using this as a volcano wood burning stove?

  3. Andreas Grimm Says:

    hello ,

    i like to buy the stainless steel Trangia stowe from the army. Here i Switzerland i can not buy them.
    Do you know where i can order them???
    Thank you for you help and have a goooooooooooooood day!!!!

    Best regards


    [The only way I can think of, is using Google to find a seller near you, or have it shipped. -Dmitry]

  4. Nihilio Says:

    Andreas Grimm: carries them - I at least got (super-heavy) steel-pots and an aluminum-screen. The army-burner though is bigger (9cm diameter) than the civillian one, and the military thing itself is useless for all but the original pots. If I’d buy one again I’d just get a civillian burner and use the same selfmade-potstand I own now.

  5. n/a Says:

    it´s the old swedish army stove.
    There are two versions of it, stainles steel
    and aluminium.

    notise the difference the stainles steel has one ring and the aluminium has two rings under the lid.

    the aluminium one is a little bigger (almoust not seen unless they stand next to each other)
    also known as “snuskburken” (filthy can)

    There is also a adapted drinkinkup callet “kåsa” that fitts perfectly inside it when on the move.

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