This little gem is a lifesaver. It has replaced all my other flashlights for everyday(night) use outdoors. Before purchasing this headlight on sale at Lowe’s, I used the Inova X5 LED flashlight all the time. The X5 is awesome in its own right, but the versatility of a headlamp outshines every regular flashlight. Wearing a headlamp allows you to use both hands, and the 3-in-1 mode is a bigger bonus.

The Sportsman has 3 different modes. There are two red LEDs for general use. Why RED, you may ask? It preserves your night vision, and if you are talking to somebody, and shining a light at their eyes or body, they get blinded. With red LEDs, your conversation partner can see perfectly well. The second mode is a single white LED in the middle. It is useful if you wan to get true color at night. Red washes out colors, and for more detail the white LED is best. The third mode is a Krypton bulb, on top of the LED module. This is like a conventional reflector flashlight: eats up batteries fast, and you can adjust from spot to flood. The regular bulb is most useful to see across the campsite, at distances the LED bulbs simply cannot reach.

The Rayovac Sportsman is hinged on the bottom, so you can adjust where the light shines. Anywhere from right in front of your face, or 10 feet away. There are three straps that hold in on your head. Two on the side, and one on top. This design is great; I have seen other headlights with just the side straps, and the slide down sometimes. There is a thin layer of foam padding, where the back of the headlight contacts your head. It is contoured, and makes for a comfortable fit. Three AAA batteries are used to power this flashlight, and it is waterproof. I am not sure I would go diving with it, but rain is no problem. The cap is sealed with a rubber o-ring, and all the other compartments are either completely sealed in plastic, or a thick rubber cover.

Rayovac Sportsman Top view Disassembled
Red LEDs on Krypton bulb on  

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