Sunday 20 January 2008


This blog was created by Dmitry on January 20. It’s purpose is to encourage the sharing of knowledge and information between campers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. After several unsuccessful days or searching for meaningful reviews of the CFP-90 backpack, I decided to start this web log. The more articles I write, and more people join and post their own reviews, audience will become larger and more informed.

If you are interested in contributing in any way, either writing your own reviews, posting comments or any other ideas, please let me know. If you would like to write a post, please register and start writing. There is a level of professionalism associated with all posts, so anything vulgar will be removed.

I can be reached at dmitry~at~crimsonshift~dot~com if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.

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  1. J. Long Says:

    I came upon your site, while looking for a source to purchase IPK kits. In the past Cheaperthandirt stocked them, but it looks like they are out of stock. Most of the information that I have seen for these items is from the U.K. Where did you find the ones that you pictured and mentions on this site?


    [Edit: I purchased mine from a few months ago. I do not see them on that website anymore, so the only option may be shipping from UK. -Dmitry. ]

  2. Scott Hannah Says:

    Dmitry I have tried to send you some mail at this address.and it got bouched back to me? Could you send me my password? I have registered this week.>

    Scott Hannah

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