Thursday, 31 Jan 2008

Gerber Gator folder
Overall length 8.75″
Folded length
Weight 2.3 oz
Steel material 400 series stainless
Blade length 3.75″
Lock Mechanism
Lock back

This is the standard folder I carry in my belt BOB. It stays there, and comes out when cooking on all the camping trips. I have had this knife for about 10 years, and still love it. Knife enthusiasts have said that old-school Gerber steel is much better than the new stuff. I don’t know, and will not argue with them. The steel of this knife is good. It is stainless steel of some sort, sharpens easy, and holds the edge well enough. A few years back on one of my camping trips I thought I lost this knife, and replaced it with a Gerber AR 3.00 from Wal Mart. Then, after about 3 months, while cleaning my car, I found the Gator. Hooray! Both knives have their strengths and weaknesses, and the Gator would come out on top, in my opinion.  The clip-point blade seems to be better in old-school Gerber knives like this one. The Gator has a lock-back mechanism, and a “handle made of a hard inner core of glass filled polypropylene, with Santoprene rubber molded and chemically bonded around it.” The grip is exceptional, even when hands are wet. This knife requires both hands for operation. I have tried flicking it open numerous times, and it just will not happen.

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