Tuesday, 3 Jun 2008

MOLLE Sustainment Pouch

For review today I have a MOLLE Sustainment Pouch. These are designed to attach to the sides of the Main MOLLE Pack to carry the “sustainment load - MREs”. I imagine they can be used for anything, from carrying clothes to food to bottles of water.

My pouches are made by SDS, and have waterproof coating on the inside. There is a draw-string closure on top, and a flap with buckle for added security. For real-world sizing, I stuffed a Medium/Regular set of BDU pants and shirt, and a Fleece inside. It is about the right fit for the three items; I can probably fit a pair or two of socks inside, if all the clothes are rolled and compressed really tight.

The pouch measures about 12″ tall x 8″ wide x 6″ deep, which makes it around 570 cubic inches in size. Fabric is usual SDS cordura with good stitching and waterproofing. I have yet to be disappointed by SDS quality of materials and craftsmanship. Personally, I have to use for the Sustainment Pouches at this time, they are too big to fit on the sides of my MOLLE Assault Pack, and would add too much space to my regular UTG Web pack. If you are have a MOLLE vest, a couple of these could probably be used instead of a rucksack altogether.  There are four MOLLE attachment straps on the back, so two rows of webbing on the main pack will be used for each attachment point.  Because of the size of these pouches, and the kind of weight they can carry, I would secure the MOLLE straps with either duct tape of a zip-tie near the end.

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  1. Konstantin Says:

    Where do you find this stuff? Army surplus?
    I want to get a hiking backpack, I’m gonna need your expertise.

  2. dmitry Says:

    FleaBay and Army surplus stores for the military gear. It’s best to check out the items i person in an Army store first, so you know what you are getting, even if bidding on similar items online later.
    Some of the items I used are trial-and-error, I re-sold them online because I did not like them.

  3. Gunny Says:

    These pouches can easily be attached to the sides of the assault packs. There is only one top strap that is slightly difficult to attach, you just need to use the webbing strip with four slots above the outer pocket and slot your top strap from the sustainment pouch to that. The large assault pack is better because it has lashings straps attached, but you could improvise with the regular pack using molle lashing straps.

  4. Jon Says:

    I’ve found these will also fit a fair sized first aid kit and poncho liner with some free space or one M65 field jacket by itself if rolled up. Got two of these on a SDS large ruck for field work and seem to do alright if they’re actually used, otherwise I use a pair of MOLLE 200 round SAW pouches when the sustainment pouches are too big to be useful. Also have a MOLLE II assault pack and was wondering what good that four channel strip of webbing was for on the back of the bag above the built-in claymore pocket. Would make sense to get a second row stitched in above it if I can find a place with a machine that can take cordura. All I can think of was ways to direct lashings and then you mentioned attaching that free corner of the sustainment pouch to it, so I guess that works.

  5. kevin Says:

    One of my main complaints about the large molle pack is that it does not have any external pouches. For years I used a medium alice pack as my main camping pack, and I got used to the 3 large outside pouches - you can fit a rain poncho or a 1 pound bottle of propane in them.

    Ever since I got my large molle pack I have been looking at external pouches. Right now I have a small maxpedition clam pouch attached right next to the canteen. But I need something a little larger.

    With the sustainment pouches being around 12″ tall x 8″ wide x 6″ deep, that makes them a little larger then the outside pouches of a medium alice pack.

    In other words, the sustainment pouches might be just what I’am looking for.

    But one thing though - do you “have” to mount the pouches on the side of the pack? Can you mount them on the back side like where the alice pack has its pouches?

  6. Adam Says:

    if you dont put to much into them, use just the too top connecting straps
    that may work

    i dont have the pouches, or shoulder straps, so i havent used the pack yet

  7. William Graham Says:

    No offence, but I wish this and many reviews on these things were more thorough! They say you can fit two mres in the a piece, but I have yet to see a review where someone actually tried too. I have mres here, Ive measured them, and the math of the dimensions doesnt add up. It seems to me that you could fit one oin each with some extra room. Has anyone carried or been able to fit two MREs in them, as in the discriptions of their intended purpose?

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