Thursday, 8 May 2008

MOLLE M-3 Medical Bag

Another good MOLLE accessory from is the Medical Bag. Originally designed for combat medics this bag contains more First Aid and surgery items than the Individual Soldier’s first aid kit. There are several variations of this design: three, four and five compartment models. The bag from CTD has 3 compartments, and it can be used as intended or as a small BOB, or a small stuff bag for day hikes. There are 2 MOLLE attachment straps on the back, so it can be secured to anything with PALS webbing. I am pleasantly surprised to find the inside is vulcanized to make the whole bag waterproof, and overall construction is pretty solid. One thing I do not like about CTD MOLLE gear it is somewhat cheaper quality than current US Army issue stuff. SDS makes a lot of Army packs, and they use YKK zippers, which are a big plus in my book. I imagine that most of the bags and pouches at CTD are imported, and do not have the same quality control as US made products.

This bag measures 11″ wide x 12″ tall x 4″ deep. There is an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, and two MOLLE straps. I do wish there were three or four straps to hold it in place securely. I have attached it to one of my backpacks, and if the pack was dropped or thrown around, the medical bag may come off. There is also a carry handle on top, and a quick-release buckle to keep all the compartments together.

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