Monday, 21 Jan 2008

Katadyn Vario

After some consideration I decided to purchase a water filter. I made up my mind after lugging a few gallon sized jugs of water to our campsite on more than one occasion. I was not sure whether to buy a MSR Sweetwater or the Katadyn Vario. Both were priced the same, both had similar water output and filter longevity. In the end, it came down to being able to switch from fast flow, to maximum filtration modes on the Vario.

I have used this filter a few times, and performance is pretty good. The one time I really used it in the field, I forgot to attach the float do the end of the pre-filter, and ended up clogging the ceramic disk filter so bad, that no water would flow out. After a rinse, it performed better, but still slower than a freshly scrubbed filter. Lesson learned, I now have the float at the end, so no muck is sucked up from the bottom. Water tastes great, I cannot tell the difference between tap water, store bought spring water, and water coming out of the Vario. Katadyn suggests to take the top off, rinse and scrub the ceramic filter to unclog the topmost layer. The filed maintenance kit comes with a scouring pad, extra O-rings, and silicone sealer. After a few uses, the O-rings have to be touched up with the silicone for maximum water seal. The output hose comes in it’s own plastic bag, so it does not touch any contaminated components. The Vario draws water into the filter on both strokes of the pump handle, up and down. This really ensures a constant water flow, you just have to make sure to pump slow and steady. There is a cap on the bottom that can be removed to screw the filter to any standard Nalgene bottle. Alternatively, the output hose can be connected to the output hose barb on the bottom. Third alternative is to stick the drinking tube from your water bladder inside the side opening of the cap, and fill it up.

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