Thursday, 31 Jan 2008

Gerber AR 3.00 folder
Overall length 7.13″”
Folded length
Weight 2.8 oz
Steel material 440A stainless
Blade length 3.00″
Lock Mechanism
Liner lock

I purchased the Gerber AR 3.00 folder after a camping trip to Red River Gorge, when I thought I lost my Gerber Gator. I later found the Gator, but the AR 3.00 stayed with me because I like the pocket clip for every day carry. The blade action is incredibly smooth, and it has a satisfying “click” when locked into place. This is thanks to two Teflon washers on either side of the blade. Opening it with one hand is a breeze for me, thanks to the two thumb-studs. I have seen knives with better studs; some were simply larger, some had checkering to increase friction. I got the black non-reflective blade version from Wal Mart for about $30. The handle is not as comfortable as the Gerber Gator, but fits my hand well enough. I have used this knife on more than one occasion at work to cut fruit, bread, and meats, and it has retained the edge very well. Some purists may say that Gerber knives are not what they used to be, but for the price, AR 3.00 is a good purchase.  This model sports a drop-point blade without serrations.

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    […] A few years back on one of my camping trips I thought I lost this knife, and replaced it with a Gerber AR 3.00 from Wal Mart. Then, after about 3 months, while cleaning my car, I found the Gator. Hooray! Both […]

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