Friday, 1 Oct 2010

East German AK-47 Bayonet
Length w. Sheath
Knife length
Weight 2.8 oz
Steel material Carbon Steel
Blade length 5.75″
Wire cutter

If you are looking for a cheap knife to throw in your BOB and forget about it, the East German AK-47 Bayonet is a reasonably good solution.  It’s large, it has a built-in wire cutter and a saw.  I realize that the saw is pretty useless, but it’s there nonetheless.  Because this knife was designed to be attached to the AK-47 rife, its handle has a channel and a ring to go around the barrel.  These features are completely useless and inconvenient for anyone not using it with the AK-47 rifle.

The steel is pretty soft and easy to sharpen.  I gave it a brand new 20 degree edge after about half an hour of work with the Smith’s sharpening system.  It’s not as sharp as some of my other knives with better steel, but it will do; especially sitting around inside the BOB, not seeing daily use.  I am sure it will dull easily after chopping branches or digging in the dirt.  But hey, the bayonet was designed for stabbing, not so much for camp chores.

The built-in wire cutters are adequate.  I cut through a 1/8″ nail with a bit of difficulty, after a few smacks of the fist on the knife handle laying on the floor.  If you are planning to cut through a lot of wire, get a dedicated tool - this knife is a pain and kind of dangerous.  The handle is made from bakelite, and seems durable.  The knife would feel a lot more comfortable in the hand with a better designed handle.

After reading this, you may think this is a sub-par knife that does not excel in anything.  This is partially true, and for $50 you can get a great Ka-bar or a Buck Nighthawk.  However, for $15-20, this is a good tool to throw in your bag, and forget about it.

Image quality is not the best today, as I am using and older camera.

7 Responses to “East German AK-47 Bayonet”

  1. Edward Landers Says:

    Do you know what the little hook on the top of the hilt is for?

  2. dmitry Says:

    Not specifically. I have never owned an AK-47, nor mounted a bayonet to one. It’s probably used for securing the bayonet to the rifle.

  3. Harquebus Says:

    The hook on the top is for a flat 1/4″ lanyard that loops from the hole in the pommel and clips to the hook with a sort of buckle. Sort of a quick release since the hook isn’t a closed loop. These AKM bayonets are mounted upside down on the rifle. It’s more of a wrist strap than anything. I have an EG one too but it has the rubber insulated scabbard grip. It came pretty sharp with a factory ground edge.

  4. Jonny Says:

    I actually bought one of these, I think. I was at a gun show and bought a bayonet that iI thought was pretty cool. After some research on it I have found out that I have either a East German or a Yugoslavian Kalashnikov bayonet. Anyways I thought it was a very cool knife. Now I just have to buy a Kalashnikov.

  5. Steve Mack Says:

    Re #1: The “little hook on the hilt” is for the “little buckle” that is used to attach the small leather belt which is used as a hand-guard to keep you from losing the knife during hand-to-hand combat if you are grasping the knife.

  6. Steve Mack Says:

    Re#1: Google AK47 bayonet pictures, you should see plenty of examples.

  7. jon Says:


    Are you sure that the blade is made out of carbon steel? I am not that sure, cause it does not rust, and the steel is not that soft, I mean you hit the concrete and it does not chip.


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