Sunday, 10 Feb 2008

Czech mess kit

Czech mess kit is a nice light compliment to any stove. It only weighs about 1 LB, and there are three pieces total made of aluminum. Large pot is a little over 1 quart, the smaller pot is about 2/3 of a quart. The lid can be used as a frying pan, although I have never used it for anything but a food prep ‘plate’. The swing-away handles are steel, and do not heat up during cooking. This makes it easy to hold the hot pots after your meal is cooked. I usually keep a jar of bullion cubes, scouring pad, plus some spices inside the mess kit. This mess kit was purchased from CheaperThanDirt several years ago, and they are still for sale as of February, 2008. The set is perfect for two people; large pot can be used to prepare the main course, small one - a side dish, soup, or hot tea. Three people, and you need a larger pot set to cook the entire meal at once.

Czech mess kit Czech pot set Czech pot combo

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  1. Trangia Stove and pot set | CampingGearReview Says:

    […] is about 2.75 pounds. This set is much more compact than my Coleman gasoline powered stove plus the Czech pot combo, and it weighs less. Definitely going in my regular camping pack, and the bug-out […]

  2. Don Bailey Says:

    I have the same item purchased from Cheaper Than Dirt back in 2007. I have used it countless times on hiking and camping trips. It is extremely durable, although slightly heavy for those that like “super ultra-light” backpacking. I’m former Army Infantry, so I’m part pack-mule. I keep a commando stove, heat tabs, hobo tool, and wash cloth in mine.
    I use this kit in conjunction with my 2 piece GI issue mess kit whenever I go hiking or camping.

  3. Janet Byington Says:

    Do you have the size or dimensions of this mess kit?

  4. Urquart Veitch Says:

    What an excellent blog, I’ve added your feed to my RSS reader.

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