Friday, 25 Jan 2008

Cold Steel GI Tanto review
Overall length 12″
Thickness 4 mm
Weight 10.4 oz
Steel material 1055 carbon
Blade length 7″
Sheath material Cordura

Cold Steel has been in the knife business for as long as I have been using knives as tools while camping. I purchased the GI Tanto a few years back as an inexpensive all purpose camp knife. For $30 it has done a great job. I have cut small trees and branches to make forks for roasting sausages and marshmallows. It’s sharp enough to cut rope and cloth. I have not tried chopping anything large with it, because I believe there is a right tool for every job. For chopping either a hatchet or an axe should be used. To be really effective a hand saw is best. Anyway… this is a cheap instrument I am not afraid to dull, break or loose, and in a real survival situation it can be attached to a makeshift spear to hunt. It does not seem to hold an edge as well as some other knives I have used. The USMC KA-BAR seems to have better (1095 carbon) steel.

coldsteel_tanto.jpg coldsteel_tanto_side.jpg coldsteel_tanto_blade.jpg coldsteel_tanto_handle.jpg

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  1. Cloie Says:

    I bought the Cold Steel G.I. as a general camp knife for cutting rope and general camp duty where I would’nt be afraid of losing the knife because of cost.
    I payed about $21.00 plus shipping for the knife.
    I was pleasantly surprised by the thought put into the knife and sheath system.
    The blade holds a good edge and the full tang construction ensures strength.
    The blade is not as thick as a ‘survival’ knife, but does the job for what it was intended, cutting, slicing and general camp duty.
    The sheath is well thought out and made of a ‘plastic’ material and seems tough.
    There are strap and molley placement on the sheath.
    The only ‘con’ I had with the knife, is the handle deisgn.
    There is no ‘grip’ design.
    The handles seem to slip in the hand.
    I wrapped paracord around the handle and a lanyard through the end of the handle.
    The wrap made it feel very secure and like a new knife.
    NOTE: Wrapping paracord around the handle will not allow the snap on the sheath to wrap around the handle to secure it in the sheath.
    I went to a sewing store, bought large snaps and took the old snap off and moved the position about a half inch.
    This fixed the snap problem after the paracord wrap.
    In all, a very well thought out system, well made, rugged and good price point for a ‘working’ knife or person on a budget.
    I would buy it again.

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