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Swiss Rucksack review

Review coming ASAP, this post is a placeholder for now…

Piper Gear Long Range Bugout bag

Rating 4 of 5 stars Design internal frame bag Size extra large Number of Pockets 6 Max. Load Carried untested Price Paid $76 Pack Weight 6 lbs Total size 4400-5550 (expanded) Long Range Bugout bag is created by Sandpiper of California ( They make various sports bags as well as travel packs, and “bugout bags”. […]

MOLLE Sustainment Pouch

For review today I have a MOLLE Sustainment Pouch. These are designed to attach to the sides of the Main MOLLE Pack to carry the “sustainment load - MREs”. I imagine they can be used for anything, from carrying clothes to food to bottles of water. My pouches are made by SDS, and have waterproof […]

MOLLE M-3 Medical Bag

Another good MOLLE accessory from is the Medical Bag. Originally designed for combat medics this bag contains more First Aid and surgery items than the Individual Soldier’s first aid kit. There are several variations of this design: three, four and five compartment models. The bag from CTD has 3 compartments, and it can be […]

British DPM Camp Rucksack

Rating 3 of 5 stars Design internal frame rucksack Size medium Number of Pockets 0 Max. Load Carried untested Price Paid $18 Pack Weight 3.5 lbs Total size 2240 cu inches This little sucker was purchased ‘for the fun of it’ online at for $18 including shipping. I was searching for a good BOB […]