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Inova X1 Review

( Lighting )

I am not a “flashlighaholic” like the guys at, however flashlights have always been cool toys for me. Ever since the Inova X5 purchase, I have been hooked on LED lights. They are far better for every day chores than an incandescent light. For the BOB, I purchased an Inova X1 single LED, single […]

Rayovac Sportsman 3-in-1 Head-lite

( Lighting )

This little gem is a lifesaver. It has replaced all my other flashlights for everyday(night) use outdoors. Before purchasing this headlight on sale at Lowe’s, I used the Inova X5 LED flashlight all the time. The X5 is awesome in its own right, but the versatility of a headlamp outshines every regular flashlight. Wearing a […]

MagLite LED bulb conversion

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I replaced the light bulb in my 10 year old MagLite 4D cell flashlight a few months ago. The light output seems to be about the same. Color of the new LED bulb is somewhat purple. The flashlight retains its adjustable focus, since the only thing that changes is the bulb itself. With the new […]