Monday, 5 Mar 2012

Buck Omni Hunter - Homemade Leather Knife Sheath (prototype)

The factory knife sheath on the Buck Omni Hunter is of lesser quality than the knife itself. One fine Sunday afternoon, I got tired of being bored and decided to make my own sheath. Bear in mind, this is my first attempt at knife sheaths, and only second attempt at leather-craft in general. The end product is just that, a prototype. It is a decent looking sheath, where I learned a few things, which will be improved in second revision. I hope to work on a few more sheaths in the next month, and do a better job for this knife. The next project will be for a Gerber Profile drop point type blade.

  • Belt loop is on the wrong side for me, it is now made for a left-handed carry
  • Retention strap needs to moved down to the index finger choil for better retention
  • Semi-circle indentation needs to be cut, so there is no part of the shiny blade showing
  • Belt loop needs to be moved up towards the butt end of the sheath, above the new position of retention strap


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